Lazy Linking, 53rd in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

53.1. Groupon for employee perks.

53.2. British Columbia institutes a carbon tax increase and offsetting income tax decrease. The world doesn't end. [Hat tip: Greg Mankiw's blog.]

53.3. What does the Bible say should be the role of government in helping the poor? Stephen Landsburg and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend disagree.

53.4. Turning off the TV can prolong your life.

53.5. Just how wild is the wild? Science journalist Emma Marris argues that it is wilder than our pristine imagery of it.

53.6. Energy: where it comes from, where it goes. Nice visual. [Hat tip: Chart Porn.]

53.7. Taiwanese kid dunks on LeBron James. Ilha Formosa!

53.8. Yet another reason we need a word for "he or she" and another word for "him or her."

53.9. Bill Gates drops the knowledge on the future of energy.

53.10. Finally, not a current link but a blast from the past (which I may or may not have watched a dozen times in the past week): "Triumph," by Wu-Tang Clan.

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