Lazy Linking, 52nd in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked on the Internets:

52.1. I swear that a day before this piece by Tom Verducci came out, I made the same point to a co-worker. My self-esteem boost is offset by the despair surrounding another disappointing season by the A's and by the dread that Moneyball the movie will seem dated and anticlimactic when it comes out.

52.2. Kevin Durant goes bonkers at Rucker, and the fans go bonkers in response.

52.3. This article - about how technology has made this a golden age for introverts - is so spot on and so me. Especially the "serial communication" part.

52.4. Take that, New York (the Sequel). Wall Street Journal points out that with first Cliff Lee and now Nnamdi Asomugha spurning the Big Apple for the City of Brotherly Love, Philly outmaneuvering its bigger neighbor to the north no longer qualifies as news.

52.5. Speaking of New York and Philly, Philly seeks its own High Line Park . . . and has a site in mind to build it.

52.6. Open source software for mapping where trees are, courtesy of my colleagues at Philadelphia-based Azavea.

52.7. Did you know that a transportation engineer would find the Ewing Theory completely logical? [Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

52.8. "Because you can't exactly stimulate job growth if you're slashing $3 trillion in federal spending, essentially removing all of that money from the economy." Say what? Does this guy realize that cutting spending doesn't mean removing it from the economy, it means putting it back in the pockets of current and/or future taxpayers?

52.9. Shout-out to past and present staff and entrepreneurs at The Enterprise Center for being three of the 20 Philadelphia Business Journal Minority Business Leaders Awards recipients.

52.10. You can't write a check to Target until you've first written a check to Target. Got that?

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