Crazy Day in the Life

What the heck, here's a random "day in the life" from earlier this week for your reading pleasure:

4:00a - Two alarms go off. But you know, my best sleep is after this happens.

4:45a - Ugh. Was thinking I would snooze 10 to 15 more minutes, not 45. Up, look at Bible memory verses, read from Revelation, pray, journal.

5:15a - Exercise clothes on, out the door. I cut my normal route short because I'm making a significant detour in the opposite direction to hit the Y for some quick lifting.

6:00a - I'm one of a gaggle of exercisers greeting the door-opener at the Y. I'm in and out in about 15 minutes, partly because I'm just getting back into lifting and partly because I want to get home before the kids are up.

6:20a - Arrive home to the kids already chattering, and Amy getting a load of laundry in before she leaves for work. Stretch, cool off, shower, suit on.

7:00a - Amy's out the door, I'm feeding myself and the kids breakfast, and then they brush their teeth and get ready for school while I clean up in the kitchen.

7:50a - Walk down the street to drop off Jada at her school, then Aaron and I hoof it two blocks and just make our first bus. We take it a mile, walk a block, pick up a second block for another half-miles, and then walk another three blocks to Aaron's school.

8:50a - I double back to my neck of the woods to meet a colleague for coffee to talk business.

9:50a - I race to the subway stop, grab the Market Frankford line to City Hall, transfer to the Broad Street line, and get off in North Philadelphia. According to my schedule, I have one minute to catch my bus to my meeting place. I race up the steps, and promptly trip on the top step. My momentum (and a heavy work bag) carry me several feet forward before I finally fall flat on my face. Jeers ensue. I dust myself off, resume my fast clip, and make it to the bus stop with seconds to spare.

10:30a - Productive meeting. It adjourns with only ten minutes before my conference call, so I decide to take it in the building lobby, since I won't be able to get back to my office.

1:00p - Productive meeting. As the phone call wraps up, I start walking to my bus stop to save time. I catch the bus to the Olney Station and am soon back in Center City. I ask my staffers, who I am supposed to meet with, for a half-hour to eat lunch before we talk.

2:00p - Mmmm, warmed-up leftovers plus Ken Ken.

2:30p - Meet with staffers over one of my projects.

3:00p - Meet with boss over another of my projects.

4:00p - Meet with staffers over yet another of my projects.

4:45p - Ack, I had expected Amy to pick up Aaron but now she can cannot as she has an emergency at work. Not sure what is more distressing: having to wrap up my meeting so I can catch all my buses, or trying to imagine what "emergency" means when your work place is a prison.

5:00p - The first of my three buses arrives just in time, and I make all my connections and get all my kids.

6:00p - Our contractor is waiting for us on our front porch. We're getting major work done on our kitchen, so he wants to go over everything before he starts ripping stuff out and ordering stuff. I take turns feeding the kids and knocking out outstanding topics.

7:00p - Amy arrives home just in time to settle some loose issues. Our contractor leaves, I clear out the kitchen and grab a bite for myself, and Amy bathes the kids and reads them bedtime stories.

7:30p - I join them, say my goodnights, and then take a hack at packing up sections of the kitchen, while Amy tends to laundry.

9:00p - My contractor and I email about some last-minute items.

10:00p - I go to bed, wired. It's been a crazy week.

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