You didn't ask, but:

1. Last ten artists on my playlist - Justin Bieber, Eminem, Jay-Z, New Order, Third Eye Blind, Janet Jackson, Public Enemy, Wu Tang Clan, Alphaville, Miley Cyrus.

2. When my wife texted me from work one morning last week, "it's 9a and it's already a sh*tstorm around here," I wasn't sure if she meant that figuratively or literally.

3. I'm not sure what to do with Google+ yet.

4. Dinosaur King is too violent for my kids' age, is blatant in its commercialism, and has really bad dubbing. No matter: when I put it on on the weekend, the kids leave me alone and let me nap.

5. Any ideas for a a) cheap, b) easy, c) healthy, and d) good-tasting breakfast? I'm a creature of habit, and my current breakfast habit is a banana and a bowl of yogurt with granola. Anything better than that per my four criteria? (And, yes, those criteria are in order of importance to me.)

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