Lazy Linking, 51st in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

51.1. Only in L.A. is it a news story where there isn't a traffic jam.

51.2. Latest occupation to get the schwag/events/hotties treatment from someone trying to get them to push their product: tire salesmen.

51.3. You can buy, you can sell, and now at half.com (my favorite site for used books), you can rent.

51.4. Penelope Trunk lays the smack down on Gen Y.

51.5. Note to D's and R's: we don't like either of you at record highs.

51.6. If you're a greenie, should you be for or against fracking? It's not a slam-dunk decision.

51.7. Now that the technology exists to discern facial expressions, will we ban them or will poker players now have a distinct advantage in life?

51.8. I'll admit: this post on designing a dream home for a celebrity kid was in fact a little dreamy to me.

51.9. If increasing housing density doesn't change most people's preference to drive a lot, maybe increasing fuel economy is the way to go.

51.10. Could it be we drive so much because they keep us from feeling lonely? [Hat tip: The Consumerist.]

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