Good Night

Evenings after the kids go to bed are a wonderful time of the day, but I don't actually do anything too crazy. It's usually read a book, do a Ken Ken puzzle, turn in early. It's what I need to decompress and recharge, and to be able to wake up early.

But one evening earlier this week was an exception. A dear college friend of mine was in town and asked me if I was free to get together. We met at my house and walked a block to Manakeesh, a delightful Lebanese bakery where he and I quickly scored the most delicious food and dessert at a very reasonable price. We regaled in the conversation of long-time friends with much to catch up on, in the wonderful atmosphere of an elegantly designed former bank building that was now simultaneously authentically ethnic and yet tastefully modern.

I even got reunited with a former student of mine, who works there and who said The Enterprise Center was instrumental in helping the restaurant get off the ground. That made me feel good.

Sure, I ended up going to bed much later than usual. But it was a good night. So maybe I should go out more often. If it ends up like that night did, I definitely should.

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