Having California roots but living in Philadelphia is sometimes the best of both worlds and sometimes the worst. Best is preferring Philadelphia as a place to live but enjoying California as a place to visit. Having lots of excuses to hit the West Coast and lots of people to see when I get there. And having my perspective broadened by being able to see things in both places and in both ways.

Worst is not being able to see my mom as often as I'd like. Shelling out two G's and enduring two days' worth of travel each of the two times a year I bring my family to Cali. And missing out on gatherings of large volumes of people I'd love to see, like my mom's side family reunion next month or my high school class' 20th year reunion (at which none other than Shock G - aka Humpty Hump aka MC Blowfish - will be performing).

Well, you take the good and the bad. Next I'm in Cali I'll be sure to give a holler to all my peeps out there, and next you're in Philly please do the same.

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