The Weekend about Nothing

The weekend usually brings a packed schedule of activities for the kids, with a flurry of Twitter feeds to record photos for posterity (and for my mom, following us from the comfort of her home). Especially since I got a subway pass, we've been out and about, making the most of the zero marginal cost travel and the limited leisure hours we have before the rush-rush of the work week.

So it was a strange but welcome change of pace to have absolutely nothing planned for this past weekend, and even stranger to not deviate from the non-plannedness of the weekend. In short, this past weekend, we did nothing.

And it was good. Amy and I took turns arm-twisting the kids into cleaning various parts of the house. Many much-needed long naps were taken. I did crossword puzzles, read a magazine, and zipped through a movie while on the exercise bike. Amy knitted, watched "America's Next Top Model," and cleaned house. And the kids got reacquainted with toys that have sat unplayed with the past few weeks as we've been out and about.

We'll likely not find another weekend between now and Labor Day that has big open spaces, let alone a whole weekend's worth. But it's nice and necessary every once in a while to just do nothing. And this past weekend, it was nothing that we did. And that's something.

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