Water Works

The closest I've ever gotten to Matt Damon is spying him from a half-block away while we were both in Toronto, me for a business conference and he for a film festival. Gary White, on the other hand, I had the pleasure of spending the 2008 British American Project conference with, as we were both first-time delegates. My favorite memory with him involves going to a water bar in Santa Monica, listening to a peroxide blonde with some, um, physical enhancements extol the virtues of their desalinization process, and then have Gary debunk each one of her claims once we had left the place.

I bring up Damon and White because the two of them have teamed up on an issue of grave consequence thrhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifoughout the developing world, which is water access. I loved loved loved this feature in this month's Fast Company - "Can Matt Damon Bring Clean Water to Africa?" - on so many levels.

First, I'm a big Matt Damon fan, not only his movies but his overall likability as a person.

Second, Gary is the nicest guy, and it's great to see his organization get such favorable press.

Third, water access, however unsexy a cause, is so vital, and progress so achievable if only we will put forth the energy and intelligence.

Finally, the article correctly focuses on a subtle but important paradigm shift in water access, which is going from parachuting in to build a well, snap a photo, and cut a ribbon, to building the local investment (human and financial) to make sure the thing works over time.

Kudos to Damon and White. I can't say enough about good this is.

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