I’m not sure what it is a reflection of, but consider this: my preparation for the sermon I am to give at our Father’s Day morning service this coming Sunday has taken place in some unusual places:

1) I spent about an hour jotting down some notes on a train home from Harrisburg last month after a speaking engagement.

2) I wrote out the whole thing in about an hour, stream-of-consciousness style, outside a pizza joint in Narberth while Jada was nearby at a birthday party.

3) I spent about an hour editing and tightening the thing up on a plane ride to Kentucky for a final interview for work we are bidding on there.

4) I practiced the thing once or twice in a hotel room in San Diego, where I was giving two presentations at a conference.

I still like public speaking, especially about spiritual matters. But I’m far less polished and comfortable than during my heydays. Too busy, too scatter-brained, no space to marinate on things like I’d like. So I pick my spots, do my best, and pray for God to fix it up. We'll see how Sunday goes.

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