A's for Philadelphia

I had the pleasure of attending a Phillies game this past weekend when my beloved A's were in town. Alas, the A's lost, 3-1, but there is no shame in losing to the great Roy Halladay, who it was clear was going to be going the distance from the outset; I had to stand and tip my hat, with 48,000+ delirious Phils fans, at the conclusion of the contest.

In addition to savoring this precious time away from family, I could not help but think of how good it is to live in a big city, especially one with such a dominant sports team (when I told my colleague, who scored us the tickets, that the Phils were the class of the NL, he corrected me: "you mean the class of all of baseball") and one with so many major people-draws going on at the same time (just this weekend included the Manayunk Arts Festival, the Philadelphia Triathlon, and Taste of Philadelphia). It's all good for the local economy, for team spirit, and for city lovers.

By the way, in case you're wondering, I took the 21 bus to the Broad Street Line to the stadium, and then the Broad Street line to the Market Frankford line to 40th Street on the way home, stopping by a local grocery store on the short walk home to top off our fruit inventory for the week. With the exception of my Saturday morning grocery shopping runs, I have used our car all of one time this month, to take the kids to visit a friend of mine in the suburbs this past Saturday. How's that for a green lifestyle? Thank you, Philly, for making it easy.

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