Lazy Linking, 45th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

45.1. Marc Andreessen and I share something in common. We both like Hobees in Palo Alto. Only I order the coffee cake and eat it with friends; he's inking multi-million dollar deals with Silicon Valley's hottest start-ups.

45.2. I'm all for working our kids hard in school, but let them run around too. Scheduling recess before lunch so that kids don't race through their food in order to get some free time is a simple but effective idea.

45.3. What's faster - Taco Bell making a Beefy Crunch Burrito, or the Beefy Crunch Burrito going through someone's digestive system?

45.4. Those resourceful Minnesotans have figured out how to jam a 12-acre park in a 8-acre parcel.

45.5. Signs of the end of US dominance? Samoa changes which time zone it's in [registration required] to be more closely synched up with Asia rather than America. [hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

45.6. Last year we released a study on the value of vacant parcels in Philadelphia and their annual maintenance cost. Well, the federal government apparently has some buildings and structures it's holding too, and is now looking to sell them off to raise money. [Hat tip: Salon.]

45.7. Another thing to hate about cars - they make us fat.

45.8. I'm going to start carrying my Bible in my backpack like Kevin Durant.

45.9. In-N-Out Burger. Drive-thru. Texas. Lines ensue.

45.10. "Memo to suburban voucher opponents who 'support public education': you're already sending your kid to private school. You're just confused because your tuition fees came bundled with granite countertops and hardwood floors."

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