Five Years at Econsult

Earlier this week was my fifth anniversary at my current job. On the exact date, I took a bus home and it was slow on account of graduation traffic on the Penn campus. It brought me back to 2006, when I had my school's graduation on Sunday, walked with everyone at Penn on Monday, and then started at Econsult on Tuesday. Yeah, when you're in your mid-thirties and have a little girl, you're not really going to travel the world for six weeks between graduation and your first day on the job.

Anyway, having worked 10 years at my first job, I'm halfway through a decade at my second. And, having had very high job satisfaction at my first job, I can say I'm similarly pleased now. Even though there are obviously a lot of differences between the jobs, the employers, and my station in life, I am thankful for my work, as I was at my old place. At The Enterprise Center, it was having an incredible boss, being able to do a lot of really interesting things and meet a lot of interesting people, and be on the cutting edge in our work. At Econsult, it's been being around really smart people, having bosses I have tons to learn from and who I have a ton of respect for, and getting to work on and learn about really interesting stuff.

I'll leave it at that, as I have an annual performance review coming up, and I don't want to be accused of laying on the mustard too thick. But I sincerely enjoy and am glad for my job, and I know that's not a sure thing nowadays, so I feel fortunate and happy for it.

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