Documenting Childhood

My cousin sent me this really cute video of a dad using Google to document his daughter's childhood. It captures my sentiment as well, and reinforces my commitment to doing the same with my kids, so that they can look back at all I've archived about their earliest years - musings, pics, videos. Heck, they're only 6 and 4 and already Amy and I look back on a few years back with tears and smiles.

What's cool about documenting childhood in the present is the social media component of it. There's nothing different in this generation about saving musings, pics, and videos. But the ability to post for others to share in the arc of my kids' lives creates a richness of connection, and leads to more tears and smiles than would have otherwise been possible.

I do look forward to my kids getting older and exploring all we've compiled on them. Although, given how fast technology is advancing these days, maybe their overriding response will be: "Dad, you used Blogger and Facebook and Twitter and YouTube? That's so last decade."

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