Buses Behaving Badly

My morning commute is carefully calibrated, with not much breathing room to catch buses that don’t always come again very frequently. Two days in a row last week, I got burnt. The first morning, my first bus was late, so I missed my second bus, which necessitated piggybacking Aaron a mile uphill to his school. The second morning, my first bus was early and I just missed it, so we hoofed it to another bus stop to catch my second bus, only to watch it pull away right before we arrived. We ended up waiting 30+ minutes (!) for the next bus, Aaron being strangely and mercifully patient the whole time.

Our bad timing bled into the afternoon. Even though I left the office well before 5, we didn't all get home until after 6, thus totaling two and a half hours of commuting for the day. Most of it was waiting for the freaking 31 bus, which was my nemesis in the afternoon as well; I finally decided to hoof it to the next stop, and the 31 bus passed me just as I arrived there, as if to taunt me. Aaron gave me some gray hairs, as well, by announcing two minutes after we'd left his school that he really had to go pee pee. I dragged him to the bushes in front of a frat house on the Drexel campus, since I figured the guys would take it in stride if we were found out.

In the grand scheme of things, these are blips, and I look back with regret that I did so much cursing under my breath as the minutes ticked away. Still, I’m counting down the days Aaron gets to go to school in a more transit friendly location.

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