30 is Greater Than 31

By now, I have told you how loaded my relationship with the 31 bus is, haven't I? Somehow, all in one evening commute, I managed to 1) wait for one before giving up and hoofing it to Aaron's school, 2) just miss a second one once I had picked up Aaron, 3) wait for one before giving up and piggybacking Aaron to the next bus stop, AND 4) have one whiz by me just as I decided to walk instead of wait. (Aaron waving his drawings in my face may have had something to do with me not seeing it approach.)

With Jada still needing to be picked up, the 30 bus came to my rescue. I saw it whiz through the intersection we were at, and as I tore towards it, crossing two streets in the process to get to the opposite corner, it mercifully waited for us. It meandered through the hospitals and University City before plopping us off right in front of Jada's school, just in time. (Well, a minute late, but who's counting? Hopefully not Jada's school, which adds a fee for such tardiness.)

So even as I rely on the 31 bus, I shake a fist at it. And this is now the second time the 30 bus has, out of nowhere, come to our rescue. It's a strange relationship I have with my city's buses.

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