Other City Council Candidates to Watch

Although I am 110 percent behind David Oh, I would be remiss if I did not also mention two other City Council candidates who I hold some allegiance to. Thankfully, neither are competing directly against David, so I can commend them both to you with my whole heart.

* Andy Toy ran for City Council at Large on the Democratic side in 2007, and is at it again. He and I have intersected a bunch, first when he was with LISC Philadelphia (and my firm was doing a big study for them) and then when he was employed at The Enterprise Center.

* Kenyatta Johnson and I share an alma mater, Fels, a biographical note which endeared me to him when I testified before a state legislative committee he was on and I had to state my credentials at the beginning of my remarks. He is the state representative for the 186th district (South Philadelphia) who is now seeking to be the city councilperson for the 2nd district, which is much of South and Southwest Philadelphia and therefore intersects with territory he already knows well.

I can't vote for either in the election that matters to them, which is the primary next month - since Democrats outnumber Republicans by so much, whichever D's win in May are almost assured a seat in November - but I give them my endorsement here in this space, whatever that's worth. If you can vote for them, I encourage you to do so. You will not find a finer combination of intellect, public servanthood, and love for city than these two.

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