Lazy Linking, 43rd in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

43.1. A juicy role reversal - in light of atrocities at a West Philadelphia abortion clinic, Republican state legislators are calling for more protective measures, while Democratic state legislators cry foul that the over-regulation will make abortions more expensive and thus price out the poor.

43.2. I'm a little late to the Daytum.com game, but perusing it feels like the early days of Twitter voyeurism, in terms of being fascinated with what people are posting.

43.3. Dr. Elijah Anderson is a lot smarter than me, which makes me feel good that we have come to the same conclusion, which is that Philly has lots of great public spaces for a diversity of people to interact.

43.4. An economist's quick take on the scene in 2 Kings 7 where an officer scoffs at the man of God for predicting, in the midst of dire food shortages, that food will soon be dirt cheap because God will provide.

43.5. Comcast asks, "How can we do better with and for Hispanics?"

43.6. One of the falsely accused Duke lacrosse players has gotten involved in a non-profit that helps those who have been similarly falsely accused but lack the resources to retain top-shelf legal counsel.

43.7. Why do the Palinites irk feminists so? Because they've made deficit reduction a mom's issue.

43.8. President Obama visited Los Angeles last week. What was the storyline in the days leading up? Stay home: he's going to make traffic even worse. [Hat tip: The Enterprise Blog.]

43.9. What does it take to not only be a martyr but welcome it? Love.

43.10. My A's are lacking pop at the plate. I'll bet you Rickey Henderson is still in game shape. [Hat tip: SI.]

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