Lazy Linking, 42nd in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

42.1. Did you know I know all the lyrics to NWA's "Straight Outta Compton." You know who else does? Gwynneth Paltrow. [Hat tip: kottke.org.]

42.2. Taco Bell is testing taco shells made out of nacho-flavored Doritos. Taco Bell is brilliant. America is doomed. [Hat tip: the Consumerist.]

42.3. More haunting visuals of how far Detroit has fallen. If an empty book depository's pages flap in the wind, do they make a sound? [Hat tip: AbeBooks.com.]

42.4. I know Japan has taken a devastating hit this year. But any nation that can put together choreography like this has the moxie to make a comeback. [Hat tip: Angry Asian Man.]

42.5. Why do some people spend so much more money on our kitchens even as they spend so much less time in them? Megan McArdle says it's because they can afford to treat the activity in there as leisure and not drudgery.

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