Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Week-long diversion to the U.S. Virgin Islands aside, I've had my nose to the grindstone of late at work, powering through a lot of different engagements. So it will be fun to get out of the office a bit in the weeks to come, as I have four speaking opportunities in the region:

* March 11 (Philadelphia) - Historic preservation at Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

* March 12 (Pottstown) - Economic value of protected open space at Schuylkill Watersheds Congress

* March 16 (New York City) - Fair lending at Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development

* March 25 (Trenton) - Urban agriculture at Isles Inc.

Not sure what I will be able to convey to these audiences, but you can bet I will be taking notes on my fellow speakers. Should be fun. (In a nerdy, wonky sort of way.)

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