Oh, the Places He'll Go

The David Oh campaign train is picking up steam:

* Newly redesigned website. (Scroll through for my endorsement. Indeed, how about someone who actually wants to serve the people and make Philadelphia and Philadelphians great? By the way, I didn't get promoted at my job; I'm not vice president yet.)

* Marquee endorsements - Republican ward leaders, Fraternal Order of Police, Fire Fighters Local 22.

* He even won the Philadelphia City Council at Large GOP March Madness contest, which came with its own "One Shining Moment" tribute video courtesy of Philadelphia Libertarian Examiner.

If you're interested in hearing more, a City Council at Large debate will take place on May 12 at WHYY, hosted by Committee of Seventy. My colleague Andy Toy will also be there, scrapping for a seat on the Democratic side. With the DROP fiasco casting a pall over many incumbents, this year's race will have particular vigor and urgency, so stay informed and be active.
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