Lazy Linking, 38th in An Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

38.1. Want to get a Kindle but don't have the money? Just wait a few months: it'll be free soon.

38.2. Christians afraid their smartphones are a constant distraction should instead use them to get constantly distracted with the Bible.

38.3. Vegas and Phoenix are hot, but not in the way you think: real estate heat map shows clearly how much values have fallen there.

38.4. Katja Grace raises awareness about why raising awareness is no good.

38.5. Will tough fiscal times move us to be smarter about the way we run our schools? David Brooks hopes so.

38.6. Guy Kawasaki has Bieber fever.

38.7. Another thing cities are better than suburbs for: stoking revolutions. (I would add: "And hosting championship parades.")

38.8. I'm not sure what the author's intended take-away is for this article, but for me it's "I still think the way you do water conservation is to price it correctly."

38.9. How to save for retirement? Try hanging on to those nickels.

38.10. To the pizza guy who tried to hurt his competition by releasing mice in their shops, I don't know whether to slap you in the face or slap you on the back.

38.11. Two of my colleagues join up with the former mayor of Milwaukee to pen a really nice op-ed on something else that needs to be reformed about Freddie and Fannie, which is their current bias against Main Street.
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