Center City, Here We Come

I worked at my first job for ten years and have been at my present job for five. And, including undergrad and grad schools, all of that has been in University City, where I've lived for the last 20 years. There's obviously a convenience factor associated with being able to walk or bike everywhere, and since both my kids' schools are also in University City, adding them to the commute has been relatively easy as well.

Well, next month marks our firm's move to Center City. And while I still haven't decided for sure how I'm going to get the kids to and from school (if I bike it, it's a few miles further, and if I bus it, I'll get stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home), I am looking forward to the convenience of being downtown during the work day.

Yesterday was a nice example of that. I had a presentation first thing in the morning and a second presentation mid-day, both downtown. So I decided to kill the time in between at our new office. (It's currently inhabited by the firm we're moving in with.) It was nice to not have to shuttle back and forth between Center City and University City via subway. And when a co-worker of mine had to bail out on a lunch gathering and an email went around asking if anyone wanted to take his place, I was able to take his spot and head down the street at a moment's notice before heading over to my second presentation.

I think I'll still feel like a fish out of my usual University City water. And, simple-headed as I am, commuting in and out of Center City will at first leave me agape at the tall buildings and more bustling street scene. But I'm sure I'll adjust over time. And, if yesterday was an indication, it'll sure make making meetings easier.

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