50,000 Hits

We celebrate another milestone here at Musings: 20,000 hits as of May 2009, 30,000 hits as of February 2010, 40,000 hits as of November 2010, and now 50,000 hits as of March 2011 since I put a counter on the site in February 2005 (which was two years after I had launched this blog in February 2003). Thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll continue to stay engaged.

Note 1: This is visits to my Blogger page. I realize this stuff gets automatically posted to other places, most notably Facebook, but I haven't figured out how to keep a counter of those reads.

Note 2: My YouTube page is also over 50,000 hits. One of the more popular videos is "Mean Goose," in which my concern for my son's safety and well-being is trumped by my commitment to getting some really good footage. It was not one of my finer moments. But it is a classic clip.

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