2011 MLB Predictions Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Here in Philadelphia, the season of the greatest promise in franchise history is already giving way to nervous hand-wringing. And we haven't even thrown out the first pitch.

I'm guessing it's a slow start and more nervous hand-wringing, but a steady hand by Cholly helps the Fightin's gut through the tumult and ride their marquee players to a second title in four years. That's right, Aaron, I'm pulling you out of school in seven months for your first championship parade.

Meanwhile, for once, I get to show my kids where my true baseball allegiances lie deep into October. Go Green and Gold!

NL: Phils, Brewers, Giants (WC: Rockies)
AL: Red Sox, Tigers, A's (WC: White Sox)
WC: Phils, Giants, Red Sox, A's
WS: Phils over Red Sox

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