One Trip I Prefer to Use the Car For

As car-phobic as I am, it may surprise you that there is one type of trip I greatly prefer to do by car, which is grocery shopping. Having spent all last week (from Monday morning to Sunday night) in the US Virgin Islands, and with me at home with the kids the following Monday morning while Amy took the car to her job, it made sense for me to hit the neighborhood grocery store for some essentials to get us through the week. So, armed with three tote bags and with Aaron and Jada in tow, we walked the three blocks to the grocery store, bought forty bucks' worth of stuff, and lugged it home.

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't very inconvenient, and it was fun to putter around a different grocery store than I'm used to hitting. But give me the car and our trusty Pathmark on Grays Ferry any other week of the year, please.

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