Lazy Linking, 37th in An Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

37.1. Walmartculler of bad jobs and stimulator of good jobs? [Hat tip: The Enterprise Blog.]

37.2. Did banning DDT cost lives?

37.3. Incentives matter. So why not align your financial ones with your exercise ones? [Hat tip: Greg Mankiw.]

37.4. Jennifer Aniston eyes a $9 million New York City penthouse. If "Friends" were real, Rachel would have been able to afford it, even on a waitress' salary.

37.5. Disney starts the brainwashing early.

37.6. One of the opportunity costs of parenthood? The loss of tidy beds.

37.7. I still haven't gotten a chance to watch the Super Bowl commercials (fast-forwarded through them to get to the game, haven't yet had time to go back and watch the whole tape), but if the Volkswagen ad is any indication, the ads this year are kinder and gentler than last year's.

37.8. All politics is local. Which is why cities still matter.

37.9. You want a comprehensive history lesson? How about a short history of our planet? [Hat tip: kottke.org.]

37.10. Let's see: he grew up in the Bay Area, went to an Ivy League school, plays for the Golden State Warriors, keeps a godly perspective amidst the challenge of the NBA lifestyle, aims to start a Christian-based non-profit to help inner-city kids, and wants to be a pastor when his playing days are over. Yeah, I'd say Jeremy Lin is pretty alright in my book.

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