Lazy Linking, 36th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

36.1. Poking fun at bad weather while luxuriating in good weather - you call it clever, I call it annoying.

36.2. Why more high-speed rail in China may lead to more traffic. [Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

36.3. Going green is for all colors.

36.4. Let John Edwards' extreme self-deception be a cautionary tale for our trust in politicians and our assessment of ourselves.

36.5. Normally I don't get huffy over edgy humor, but Kenneth Cole making fun of the tumult in Egypt is over the line. The blogosphere, which is even snarkier, punishes with cruel efficiency in response.

36.6. Spousonomics salutes Katy Perry for "keeping it hot" in her marriage, and so do I.

36.7. A nice post over at Discovering Urbanism on Michael Sandel on public spaces. In an auto-centric world, the Good Samaritan wouldn't have had the opportunity to help the man in need because he would've whizzed by him at 35 miles an hour.

36.8. Liu Bolin is awesome. Now if I could just find him to tell him that.

36.9. What John Piper felt and prayed when he saw the first printed copy of his best-seller, "Desiring God." Twenty-five years later, Pastor Piper, I can say that God answered your prayers.

36.10. Tetris' Russian roots. The article also notes that playing Tetris can enhance brain function, which may explain why I got such good grades in college.

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