I Admit It: I Watched "The View" and Cried

Nice story about Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver Desean Jackson paying a surprise visit to the kid from the Philly area whose being bullied was caught on video and who was invited to "The View" to talk about the incident. It was all quite touching, on so many levels: this poor 13-year-old being lauded for his courage, Jackson's earnest affirmation and his literally giving the teen the shirt off his back, and the kid and his mom tearing up over the whole thing.

I could not help but think of how fragile I was at 13, or to wonder about my own son at that age, maturing physically but still in many ways just a little boy. I understand that there is a certain "code of the streets" in effect, but what happened to Nadin Khoury should not have to happen to anyone. Glad for his sake and for all 13-year-old boys' sake that he stood up and said something, and glad for Jackson and the others rallying around him for that.

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