Wussies, Redux

I arose this morning at the usual early hour, to pray, exercise, and, in the case of today, clear off the car for Amy. As we were expecting some accumulation from the night before, going out to take care of the porch and the car would afford me a sense of whether or not the streets were bikeable. I held my breath, as not being able to bike makes my commute a lot more complicated and time-consuming.

So I exhaled in relief when the accumulation ended up being hardly an inch. I shoveled the porch and sidewalk but could've easily used a broom. And the car was cleared within minutes with simple sweeps of the hand brush.

Remembering that to check is better than to assume, I refreshed the School District's Twitter page. That's when I read this:

All SDP schools will open on a 2 hr delay for students ONLY today. All other staff and personnel follow inclement wx delayed open protocol.

Excuse me? Is this a joke? Or was there a half-dozen of inches of extra snow that fell everywhere else in the city besides my block? On retrospect, the "wintry mix" from earlier this week was potentially impactful in terms of school openings. But this morning's "accumulation" is nothing. I give up.

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