An Ode to Our Aveo

Exactly five years ago today, we became the proud owners of a brand-new grey Chevrolet Aveo LS. Our previous car had fallen to pieces, and the Aveo was the cheapest new car available; I ended up buying from the second dealer I met with, and the whole transaction, including test drive and payment, took barely an hour.

Five years and 40,000 miles later, we still like our little Aveo. There’s not much room for the four of us in the interior, but who needs room – we’re driving, not moshing. It has a surprisingly spacious trunk, enough for even the biggest of grocery runs. And it’s easy to park, given how short it is.

Shortly after we bought our Aveo, gas prices skyrocketed, and those days of four-dollar-a-gallon gas are ever in the back of the minds of the typical American driver, which means the Aveo has held a pretty high resale value, even though its engine isn't super efficient and so it only gets so-so fuel mileage for a car its size. But I think that suits us just fine: small, but just big enough for us, simple enough to be affordable, and reliable enough to survive five years and counting.

So kudos to our family car for serving us so well so far. I wash its interior and exterior on regular basis as a reward.

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