NFL Playoffs Week 2 Musings (Not to be Used for Gambling Purposes)

I taped all four games last weekend, like I always do, and watched them bright and early the next morning, like I always do. But instead of doing so while running or biking, I was huddled up in a blanket while shivering and blowing my nose. Yup, whatever bug has hit every other person around here hit me hard, which dampened my enjoyment of the festivities.

Still, it was fun to watch, even if the Eagles' season is now over and I only went 2-2 on my "purely for recreational purposes no money was transacted" gambling picks. So let's keep this thing going, shall we? After all, it's only a few more weeks before pro football goes bye bye for several months.

Ravens (+3.5) over STEELERS
The important line here is the over/under, which is 37. Is that points or bone-crushing hits? If the latter, I'll take the over. I'm kind of copping out here, because probably the most likely scenario here is that the Steelers win by a figgie, which would still make this pick right. Still, I think the Ravens are a hair tougher. (I will now avoid direct eye contact with all local Steelers fans.)
Prediction: Ravens 20, Steelers 17

Seahawks (+10) over BEARS
Hey, Seahawk fans, did you ever think two weeks ago when your team was 6-9 that you'd be hosting the NFC Championship Game? Yeah, I would've already made other plans for next weekend, too.
Prediction: Seahawks 20, Bears 17

PATRIOTS (-9) over Jets
Rex Ryan blah blah Rex Ryan blah blah. Tom Brady does his talking on the field. Translation: this will not be pretty. Unless you enjoy Mr. Ryan getting his come-uppance.
Prediction: Patriots 37, Jets 10

Packers (+3) over FALCONS
Loved the Packers' game plan last weekend. Hey Andy Reid, did you see how the other team threw the ball in the air some times, and handed the ball off other times, to the point that no one could really predict what they were going to do next? Yeah, it turns out that kinda works.
Prediction: Packers 20, Falcons 17

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