Memory Block

Three weeks into my 2011 Bible memory verse routine, I have come to a firm conclusion: I am mediocre at this. The game plan was, having identified 100 passages in the Bible (ranging from one to ten verses long), to commit two to memory each week. At these bite-sized levels, it was hoped I would remember all of them at year's end.

Things started off well. But Week 2, my head just couldn't retain the words. It didn't help that both passages were three verses long; I've had better luck in Week 1 and Week 3, as all four passages were one or two verses long.

I'm not trying to get legalistic about this: the goal is not Bible memory for Bible memory's sake, but rather to employ some discipline to the act of spending time thinking on God's word. In that sense, this exercise has been telling. For I shove a lot of stuff into my head - work-related worries, current events, sports stats, what the schedule is for the kids in the week to come - and most of it sticks more easily than remembering a few lines of Scripture. All the more to keep pressing on here, despite decidedly middling results: it is clear I would do myself well to spend more time here.
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