Meet David Oh

A number of you have expressed interest in learning more about David Oh, who I am campaigning for for City Council at Large. Well, here's two opportunities.

1. David will be officially announcing his candidacy on Tuesday, January 11, at noon at the National Constitution Center at 525 Arch Street. He will also be holding a $50 per person fundraiser that evening at 5:30 at Zarwin Baum on the 13th Floor of 1818 Market Street. You can contact Eunice Lee at elee (at) zarwin.com or 215 561-2000 for more information on these events.

2. If you want to meet with David and learn more about how he plans to serve in City Council, please click here to complete the three-question survey (I promise it will take you two minutes or less), so I have a sense of when you might be free and what issues are important to you. Pending interest and timing, I'll work with David to figure out a time between now and the elections that we can have some mini-gatherings to discuss his campaign.

I encourage you to take the time to get to know David. He is a true public servant, and hopefully after you meet him you will want to vote for and support him in his attempt to be a City Councilperson.

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