Lazy Linking, 35th in An Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

35.1. How about a really detailed map of Central Park and its almost 20,000 trees? [Hat tip: kottke.org.]

35.2. Let's talk about sex #1. Word clouds for Maxim vs. Cosmo vs. 40 years ago Cosmo.

35.3. Let's talk about sex #2. Online dating apparently counts a lot for many women in terms of building up the requisite comfort level to get physical.

35.4. Let's talk about sex #3. It turns out saving yourself until marriage really is the better way to go.

35.5. There's more to Anne Robinson than just the black coat and the catchphrase, "You are the weakest link . . . goodbye."

35.6. I like the idea of letting pretty colored circles tell me where to rent and where to buy.

35.7. Sometimes I fall a week or two behind on reading The Economist, but in this case, I'm about 167 years late. [Hat tip: Marginal Revolution.]

35.8. An economist's solution to a household full of sick family members? Make your time horizon smaller.

35.9. Kudos to Diana Lind, editor-at-large of Next American City, for her recent op-ed in the New York Times, on urban blight. [Hat tip: Next American City.]

35.10 A nice post from my friend, the Suburban Family Guy, on the injustice of abortion.

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