Deep Conversations

Because many of my friends are very well-educated and had their children biologically, I know a lot of precocious kids. But even those not so well-endowed in terms of genes tend to get to age four and start firing away the questions, some very simple and others quite deep.

On the brink of turning six, Jada has reached that stage. It's overwhelming and tiring at times, but at other times charming and poignant. In just the past week, Amy has been able to have an extended conversation with her about sex and physical pleasure and body boundaries and marriage.

Meanwhile, I've had to field questions like "how do you get to heaven" and "why did Jesus have to die." Needless to say, it's been a challenge, but a welcome one, to have to figure out how to express our faith's most fundamental truths in ways that can be understood by a little girl with below-average comprehension.

As relentless as they can be sometimes, here's hoping the questions keep coming. For there is much Amy and I want to tell our children in the way of instruction and truth, and if they are eager to hear it, we are eager to tell it.

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