The Year in Photos

I'm not much of a contributor to the billions of photos uploaded on Facebook every month. But I do have an album for every year I've been a member. Notice the trend in the number of photos in each album:

2005 - 22
2006 - 39
2007 - 91
2008 - 46
2009 - 124
2010 - 190

Big blip up when we got Aaron, and a huge blip the past two years. We've only been smartphone owners since July, so it can't just be ease of snapping and posting.

I think it's that we've just had a ton of fun lately. This calendar year brought West Coast cousins to the East Coast for three consecutive weekends of fun, plus our usual Ocean City jaunt, two trips to California, and countless excursions downtown. As I filled up this year's album yesterday, I couldn't help but be thankful for all we did, that it would take 190 photos to tell the whole story.

I guess a big piece of this is also that our kids are just so gosh darn cute, too!

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