Who Were Those Masked Men

The ski masks I ordered for Aaron and me arrived just in the nick of time. Last week, with cold weather looming, I found ski masks for five dollars at Kmart, with store pickup at the downtown location. I grabbed them while we were downtown this past weekend, and it's a good thing, for this week has brought nothing but punishingly cold temps.

Aaron's been a trooper in the rear seat. The ski mask is so warm and snug that he practically falls asleep back there. I was afraid he would balk at wearing it, but it's been so cold that when he barks back at me that he doesn't want to put it on, I simply have to take him outside for a few seconds before reason sets in. And, they look pretty bad-ass, so there's a cool factor in that little boy's mind.

So the Huang boys keep riding on. Let's hope, though, that the temperatures ease up, and that we have a minimum of sleety, slippery commutes.

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