Things That Make Me Happy, the "Philadelphia is Awesome, and New York Stinks" Version

What an embarrassment of deliciously good news for Philly sports fans this month, especially to the extent that it comes at the hand of that other city to our north.

* In Sports Illustrated, Michael Rosenberg says it's a great time to be a Philly sports fan.

* In the Wall Street Journal, Joe Queenan says Philly's had New York's number for 250 years. In the Daily Beast, Buzz Bissinger agrees.

* That punt return was video-game-esque. So of course, someone recreated it on TecmoBowl. [Hat tip: Zoo with Roy.]

* You'll not likely see a steeper change in Win Probability than that game.

* Fun to read Philly sportswriters gleefully recounting other beatdowns of New York, including the Eagles' only championship and Wilt's 100-point game.

* Non-Philadelphia bonus: my Raiders beat up on the hated Broncos. Though they cling to slim playoff hopes, it's not likely to happen . . . but going 2-0 vs. Denver just makes my season.

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