Random Sports Musings

* Say what you want about he screwed Cleveland, butchered his announcement, and lost his playful on-court demeanor. As for me, I kind of like this version of LeBron: cold, edgy, even villainous.

* In a season in which he held the Vikings franchise in suspense about being able to return as starting quarterback, played like horsecrap all season, and sent inappropriate texts and photos to an Internet starlet who looks strikingly like a younger version of his own wife, I yet think the lowest point for Brett Favre was hawking autographed footballs commemorating the end of his consecutive games started streak on his website for $499. You stay classy, Four.

* Any Philly fan who, 12 months ago, predicted Cliff Lee in red pinstripes, Werth as the Nats' first $100 million man, Iverson in Turkey, McNabb benched in DC, Kolb as a back-up, and Vick for MVP . . . well, I'd like to ask you which stocks to invest in in 2011.

* Speaking of Cliff Lee, love how quickly the good people at the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation got the latest "With Love" billboard up. Meanwhile, while New York City licks its wounds, Buzz Bissinger pours salt into them.

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