Lazy Linking, 33rd in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

* Philly beats New York again, this time in percentage of neighborhoods that are more walkable than the norm. [Hat tip: Creative Class.]

* Even the ruthless capitalists have gone green. The renovation of Joe's Cafe in Wharton's Steinberg-Dietrich Hall qualified for LEED Gold status. [Hat tip: U City Off the Grid.]

* Giving new meaning to the phrase, "talking sh*t." I'd make more jokes, but this is a deadly serious topic and deserves straight talk, since someone in the world dies every 18 seconds as a result of bad sanitation, mostly children under five, and what is needed is frank discussions about how to prevent these largely preventable tragedies. (As a bonus, the report contains a glossary so you know how to say it in dozens of languages.)

* What if your New Year's resolution wasn't about yourself but rather about what you can do for others? That's the premise behind Chaz Howard's inspired idea.

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