The Great Huang Toy Giveaway, Part 2

Continuing a tradition started way back in 2009, we decided to do a little possession purging last weekend, in the run-up to getting new stuff as gifts. As toys were put back in their rightful place, some were designated for "toss," and some for "donate."

The whole exercise took barely an hour, and was a stark reminder of just how much stuff we accumulate over the year. I'd like to say it was to teach the kids that the spirit of giving trumps the pang of materialism, but quite frankly I think it's more about Amy and me liking a tidy house.

Although I must confess that it is satisfying to lug a big sack, Santa-style, down the street to the thrift store and know that our excess can now become someone else's coveted item under the Christmas tree. Ah, who am I kidding: what's satisfying about that is getting the tax deduction.

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