What Am I Working On (The "I Hope" Version)

Let's change up my quarterly "what am I working on" update just this once. Here's a mish-mosh of things we're proposing or have recently proposed (again, details changed or blurred to maintain some confidentiality).

* Analysis of a government's spending distribution to minority, women, and disabled owned businesses.

* Analysis of the racial, ethnic, and income distribution of home lending, business lending, and branch locations of all the banks that a government has its deposits with.

* Overall economic development strategy for an urban neighborhood, with particular focus on housing, retail, and transportation.

* Industry cluster analysis for a suburban county, en route to doing outreach to specific sectors and businesses for business attraction purposes.

* Potential economic impact associated with bringing a single-sport arena to a depressed small city.

* Cost-benefit analysis to a city and state of turning over vacant parcels to a community group to clean up and, in some cases, redevelop.

* Quantitative and qualitative analysis for a foundation's comprehensive investments in an urban neighborhood.

* Updating an economic impact report from three years back that looked at a government's tax incentive program in terms of jobs created and tax revenues generated.

* Conducting research for a government to compare its business attraction tools to those of other competing government jurisdictions.

* Determining what types of public or private interventions have made the biggest difference in terms of retail success in commercial corridors in a big city.

* Advising a small municipality on how to implement programmatic and performance measurement solutions to encourage local minority, women, and disabled owned businesses.

* Helping a small municipality complete an application for stimulus funds by projecting jobs created associated with proposed capital improvements.

* Helping an academic institution review proposals for on-campus real estate developments.

* Estimating the economic impact associated with a big park in a big city.

* Developing metrics for an urban real estate developer to identify and prioritize neighborhoods for potential development.

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