Things That Make Me Unhappy: First in What is Hoped to Be a Very Infrequent Series

* 35-3. Ugh. Mercy.

* Main drain broke last week. No water for 48 hours. Big dirty mess for 72 hours. No basement for a week and a half.

* Dear drivers: I am mindful when I need to temporarily cut into your lane. Please do the same when you need to cut into mine. After all, I'm carrying a little boy on my back, and you're carrying 20+ times more mass.

* Speaking of sharing the road, when bikers weave in and out of traffic, race down sidewalks, and blatantly run reds, they make drivers hate all of us, pedestrians dread all of us, and policymakers not want to do hard work to make for a safer biking environment. So how about being a little more responsible?

* Why does it take so long to return something at Ikea?

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