Things That Make Me Happy, Second in a Series

* What do you get when you cross the Mural Arts Program, Penn Glee Club, the Market-Frankford Line, a Canadian couple, and a marriage proposal? A sweet video you simply must watch if you love Philly, a capella music, or young love.

* How about following a 59-14 stomping of your hated divisional rival with a 33-3 stomping of your former divisional rival? Ladies and gentlemen, after a long stay, they are checking out of Hotel Laughingstock . . . your Oakland RRRRRRRRRRaiders! (Btw, do not doubt that, having posted about the Raiders last week, and having them win the next Sunday, I will be doing this again in the hopes that it again leads to a win. But I'm not superstitious.)

* Love that on the same day the City of San Francisco passed an ordinance prohibiting restaurants from including toys with high-fat meals for kids (and requiring them to serve fruits and vegetables in those meals if they do include toys), McDonald's started selling McRib sandwiches nationally again. I gotta admit: I'm with McDonald's on this one.

* I'm attending a news conference later this month about protected open space, which will take place in the heart of Valley Forge National Park. It makes me happy that I can take the bus there.

* Jada is starting to write and illustrate her own little books. Best part is her "creative" spelling: for example, "owz" is "always." Am I biased, doting, misguided, or underachieving to say this is actually a positive development for her?

* "Goonies turns 25." That is all.
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