Ode to a Working Woman

Since I am the chief author of this blog, you loyal readers get to read all about what I do. What you may not be as aware of is all Amy does to keep Huang Family Inc. afloat. A month and a half into the "two jobs, two kids" era, it's now clear what's on Amy's to-do list for the weekend:

* Lots of laundry
* Iron all my shirts
* Clean the whole house
* Grocery shopping
* Make enough food for the entire week
* Just enough hugs and kisses to sate the kids

These massive undertakings are a combination of the busyness of the work week and my close to zero contribution to the aforementioned chores (except for the hugs and kisses; the kids are insatiable and therefore need lots from both of us!). Somehow, through fatigue and illness and headaches and work worries, she powers through it all. That makes her ode-worthy.

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