Lazy Linking, 29th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

* Even in all the rhetoric in '08, Obama had a lot of conservatism in him: Krugman admits so and says liberals didn't hear it because they didn't want to hear it.

* Fuel tax, anyone? 16 transportation policy experts weigh in on if, how, and why.

* George W. Bush, betrayer of conservative ideals and big-time spender? Keith Hennessey says not so fast.

* Megan McArdle rides the rails in China and discusses why we won't be seeing high speed in the US anytime soon and why China's competitive advantage in cheap labor may soon vanish.

* What's a football fan to do during his team's bye week? It appears "looking at more porn" is one answer.

* Capitalism and ministry are more alike than the populists would like you to think: both are most successful when they serve others.

* Someone took the time to actually create a mortgage securitization flow chart. Yes, it's complicated.

* What the color of your poop tells you.

* What are the three most disturbing words on TV? How about "move that bus!" [Hat tip: Desiring God blog.]

* OK, the big negotiation has come down to the final meeting. To seal the deal: offer to host the meeting.

* Tim Harford uses eggs to show how easy it is for neighborhoods to "tip."

* Why so much skepticism about climate change? Maybe it's not about the science or the messaging, but the political process.

* A tale of two states: Pennsylvania and California. Among the eight states in the US with population of 10 million or more, one of these two is first in all four standardized test categories (4th grade reading, 4th grade math, 8th grade reading, 8th grade math), and one of these is last. Can you guess which is which? Are you sure? Click here and look on page 41 (warning: large pdf).

* Some people want their commutes to be longer.
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