Change in Commuting Patterns Ahead

Walking one kid to one school and then biking the other kid to the other has proven to be fantastically convenient, as well as avoiding the cost of buying another car or even a transit pass. But I have known since the beginning that my days of being in complete control of my commuting schedule are numbered; at some point, I just won’t be able to do it anymore.

What is surprising to me is realizing what the actual reason will be. Extreme cold? No, we can layer up. Rain? We’ve gotten lucky so far. Injury? So far, so good. My workplace moving to Center City? Not for another few months.

No, what is likely going to signal the end of my days as a bicycle commuter is that the bike seat is built to hold up to 40 pounds. And both Jada and Aaron are in the very high 30’s.

So rather than risk straining the seat to the point of a very inconvenient and very dangerous collapse, I think at some point I’m going to have to hang up the helmets and tell the kids we’re riding the buses. They may protest, and I will be out 83 bucks a month for a pass, and the commute will take a tick longer. But better safe than sorry. And, my legs won’t be burning so much and my suit so sweat-soaked every morning.

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