Vote for David Oh in 13 Months

As a follow-up to a post from last month about David Oh's first fundraiser for the 2011 campaign, I wanted to continue to urge those of you who can vote in Philadelphia to vote for David. At a time when public cynicism and politicians behaving badly are at an all-time high, here is someone who is ripped from the storybooks: earnest, honest, smart, savvy, hard-working, and committed. He works across the aisle, he knows the story of Philadelphia and America, and he wants to contribute to that story as a true public servant.

We have a long slog to go until the November 2011 general elections, and much work to do between now and then. Our reward, if successful, is more long slogs and more work to do. But, David is willing and able, and so am I to support him.

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