Run, Satan, Run

I will not share the details of the situation that is the topic of today's post. All that matters is that we in the church are claiming out loud that one of our own, who we prayed for this weekend at our annual retreat, belongs to God and God alone, and no longer to the demons that have shackled and tormented for so long.

The enemy of our souls is far more fearsome than we are. One on one, we would tremble and cower, and not stand a chance. But, on this battleground, there are more actors than just the devil and ourselves. There is also God, as well as angels, more than the eye can see or the mind can count. We all hold our breath as we look to God, the biggest and baddest actor in the whole place, bigger and badder even than Satan.

And God says, "this one, who has felt bound for a lifetime, this one belongs to Me." At that, the angels cheer an uproarious and deafening cheer. And Satan slinks away, knowing he is defeated.

He will try again with this child of God who we have prayed for, but he will again hear God's decisive pronouncement and know he no longer has an in. After a while, the enemy of our souls will be put to flight for good, fleeing fearfully from the scene he once dominated and from the child of God he once assailed. Run, Satan, for your days are numbered.

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